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About Bomber

At Bomber, our mantra is Aim Beyond. Everything we create, and every experience you have, will defy expectations to turn your ski dreams into reality. Bomber aims to take the alpine experience to a euphoric level, a higher ground.

A Note from our Chairman

Skiing is so much more than a sport. It is about freedom, imagination and joy - the creation of memories with friends and family celebrating life to its fullest and sharing the spirit to Aim Beyond. 

Bomber’s foundation is built on our love and embrace of this spirit. We strive to create and deliver experiences replete with moments of true joy and happiness - moments that become the lens through which you see and experience your world. Lifelong memories as savored and cherished when you're alone as when relived with those that were a part of the moment.

At Bomber we continue to thrive as a team and evolve as a family. We awaken each day with the collective goal of pushing our creativity, energy and focus on the fusion of luxury and performance. We are deeply committed to our passionate community who recognize and embrace the Bomber difference.

Robert A. Siegel



Unparalleled quality & performance

From selection of materials, to attention to detail throughout the production process, Bomber’s passion for skiing is injected into each and every pair of handcrafted skis. Skis that ultimately enhance the experience for skiers of all experience levels.

Access to the Inaccessible

One of a kind, rare experiences

Slopeside concierge services, on and off-piste skiing adventures with world class athletes, and après dining in some of the world’s most exclusive locations are just some of the ways Bomber facilitates new memories to be cherished and re-lived forever.



Unapologetically transparent

In everything that Bomber pursues – be it business, production, conversation or celebration, we always embody the highest standard of integrity and transparency.



A passionate collective of skiers

From the beginner to the expert, Bomber’s community of like-minded individuals are constantly seeking to be inspired, meet others, and create everlasting memories through their passion for the alpine lifestyle.


Global Partnerships & Alliances

Direct access to iconic brands

Through artistic and experiential collaborations, we bring our community rare and unique opportunities to connect with some of the most prestigious brands and artists in the world.

The Fusion of Beauty & Innovation

Where artistic expression meets performance

Bomber seeks to inspire with beautiful, radiant skis and experiences. Everything we create lives at the intersection of artistic expression and the natural beauty of our alpine world to deliver the best experience.

Rarity by Design

Limited production of exquisitely crafted products and experiences

Transcending the ordinary and the expected, Bomber’s handcrafted products and curated experiences evolve from our passion, precision and commitment to a creative process that places a premium on quality over quantity. 


Celebration of the Alpine Spirit

Celebrate and invigorate your passion for skiing

Bomber celebrates the alpine life with every product, experience, and interaction – reminding you why you fell in love with skiing to begin with, and igniting the passion within.


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Aim Beyond… Together

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