The perfect balance of art, science and passion


Fine Italian craftsmanship

It starts with Italian design – the beautiful meld of tradition and innovation – then brings together the rarest of materials, cutting-edge techniques, and a personal touch with experienced hands to redefine what a ski should be.

made in italy

Handcrafted with Integrity

A laboratory devoted to timeless beauty

To be an artisan at Bomber means you pour your soul into each and every ski. It’s a mentality we all proudly share in a small Italian town by the mountains. We are devoted to creating our skis by hand, component by component, layer upon layer, without compromise.

Our Refusal to Compromise

A process like no other

At Bomber, we are committed to designing and creating skis of unmatched performance and beauty that are the product of the fusion of art and science, modern technology and classic design. Every single pair of Bombers is crafted from the finest materials in the world: creations of our one-of-a-kind, custom ski molds; proprietary titanal steel; high-carbon steel edges; and a full wood core - from tip to tail. 

Our boutique factory, nestled in the village of Cossato, is not a place where skis are simply and quickly assembled – here they are designed, forged and finessed to the nth degree in limited quantities to deliver a ski so unique and exceptional that it elevates the on-mountain experience for even the most novice enthusiast.


Unparalleled Quality & Performance

Attention to detail matters

What you don’t see on the top-sheet of a pair of Bomber skis is what is imbedded underneath: the engineering, testing and meticulous crafting process that gives Bomber the DNA that sets us apart. Every pair of Bomber skis reflects our true racing heritage. Three days - that’s what it takes to build a pair of Bombers. Skis that reflect the technology, raw materials, and rigors of an on-mountain testing regime and intense technical feedback process previously reserved only for World Cup athletes. Bomber offers skiers of all levels a unique entrée to an exclusive alpine world, a gateway to an elevated experience normally provided only for the elite racing community.

Bomber Sets You Apart

No matter your level: confidence & control

Bomber delivers unparalleled performance and beauty that elevate the skill level and alpine experience of all skiers - from the most novice enthusiast to decorated, world class competitors. Bomber’s love for alpine culture and our relentless quest for ski perfection drives us to design and handcraft skis that maximize your performance, provide you the apex of control and stability in all conditions, and ensure smoother, safer skiing. Allowing you to carve your best days, no matter where or how you ski.

Tuned to  Perfection

From our hands to under your boots

Your Bombers are delivered with edges and base perfectly sharpened, tuned, and waxed for you - unwrap them and head to the top of your mountain. This is a direct reflection of every one of Bomber's artisans and engineers treating each pair of finished Bombers as though it is for their next day on the slopes. Our factory technicians prepare your skis with precision and every ski’s edge is set to the optimal bevel to carry you smoothly through your turns. 

The Bomber Edge

Turning your dreams into reality

Your base will have a detailed grind matched for the specific performance profile of your Bomber ski, and they arrive waxed to keep your base hydrated and fresh. The final step is removal of any extra waxing components that would otherwise clog the base grind and impact your ski’s movement and reaction to the snow. 

All this is done - in our factory, for you. Our commitment to your complete satisfaction is what drives us to this level of attention and care. We do everything to make the first run on your Bombers feel like they’ve been your partners under your boots for years - and we want to ensure they ski like that for you every day, every run.


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